Creaton Domino

mala dakstiniWith „DOMINO“, we have created an extraordinary successful combination of the unique advantages of a true burnt-clay roofing tile with contemporary modern conceptions of design. A maximum of formal expressiveness with complete renunciation of superfluous stylistic devices – this is what characterizes the strikingly different design of „DOMINO“. At the same time, it demonstrates optimum functionality and cost-effectiveness – for tilers and building owners.

„DOMINO“ is a very beautiful example for the superiority of true branded quality in the true sense of the word. The step-like overlapping constitutes a reliable protection against the intrusion of water and dirt. An up-to-date tile – and for the roofs of all building owners appreciating straightness.

Size: approx. 257 x 436 mm
min. approx. on av. approx. max. approx.
Covering width: 223 mm 224 mm 225 mm
Covering length: 343 mm 348 mm 354 mm
max. approx. on av. approx. min. approx.
Tile requirement: 13,1 Pcs./m² 12,7 Pcs./m² 12,4 Pcs./m²
Weight approx. 4,0 kg/pcs. approx. 50,8 kg/m²
Small pack: 4 Piece Pallet: 240 Piece

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