Creaton Rapido

Creaton Rapido uz jumta
„RAPIDO“ combines tradition with technology to achieve a perfect double depression interlocking pantile that presents itself as extremely cost-effective as a result of its particularly large format. Besides the extreme reliability and the sensational beauty, „RAPIDO“ additionally comes with all the characteristics of a CREATON top-quality product offering a good cost/performance ratio. The result fascinates with a tile requirement of only approx. 8.1 tiles/m², extraordinary safety resulting from sophisticated technology allowing for quick laying and at the same time, reducing the requirement. Besides the pronounced interlocking technology with double lateral interlocking and high bars, lasting safety is provided by the support ribs on the reverse and the three suspension lugs. The large sliding clearance in the head area offers highest flexibility irrespective of the roof pitch and this will please building owers for decades.


Size: approx. 325 x 502 mm
min. approx. on av. approx. max. approx.
Covering width: 277 mm 278 mm 280 mm
Covering length: 410 mm 425 mm 440 mm
max. approx. on av. approx. min. approx.
Tile requirement: 8,8 Pcs./m² 8,4 Pcs./m² 8,1 Pcs./m²
Weight approx. 4,9 kg/pcs. approx. 41,1 kg/m²
Small pack: 4 Piece Pallet: 168 Piece

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